• Lots of people wrote about website designing. Mostly all says it’s a collection of webpage with different color combinations and few images.
  • We at PALSOFT India think website is not only webpage but it’s an identity of any individuals, business or company. It is the first impression of company or individual. Most of the time whenever user visit the website for first time user only wanted to know about company information with first visit user cannot buy something or connecting directly with company.
  • PALSOFT India is one of the web designing company in India located in Surat – Gujarat we first know about your business and related products or services. We analysis full details first then research on “how to connect user with website?” Once we analysis all the details we provide designing idea with proper color combination which identify business. We select proper theme idea for website designing which suits perfectly fit to business or product or services.
  • As web designing company we apply some basic rules and principles to create business identity.

Technical we following are the few things need to understand before designing any website.

  • Basic elements which needs to work
    • Layout
    • Graphics
    • Colour / Color
    • Fonts
    • Content
  • User friendly and Responsive web design
    • Navigation
    • Multimedia
    • Compatibility
    • Technology
    • Interactive
  • PALSOFT India’s web site design professionals are understanding and create beautiful UI [User Interface]. We use critical analysis and planning for innovative idea and pay attention to individual customer requirements. Our each customer experience inspire us to create more innovative designs.

You can design not to get your visitors or buyers exit out of your website, but to keep them there for a long time. And how you can do that is mentioned here in this blog. These are the main step for design any website in simple steps.

First you can select your platform. There are many platform are available for readymade design. If you don’t want to use those platforms then follow the steps.

Logo Design

Logo is an important part of website. If you don’t have any idea about logo design then contact us. We have employed prolific designer to do the work. Our logos are intelligent they divert your visitor to the home page. This makes navigation easy.

User Friendly Navigation

Navigation is the heart of website. If your navigation is not user friendly then visitors go away from your website. So, you must select user friendly navigation. If you don’t have any idea regarding navigation then visit website


What programming language knowledge you have? Depends upon your knowledge you can develop your website. If you don’t have any programming language then you just use simple HTML5/CSS3 code and develop your website. See our website design services for more knowledge.

Theme Color

You can choose best color combination for your website. If your logo is green then you can select at least green color for your website. You can take example for great design from


The most important thing that we never compromise is the readability of the fonts in website. If the visitor is not able to read then how will he/she pursue any other pages.

Pages of a website are given equal importance

You can design each & every pixel of your website like you do with the home page. Days are gone when visitors enter the site through home page only. Equality & quality is maintained by us throughout the site pages.

If you are planning to take any of the designing services Contact us. We can represent you online in the most profitable manner.

Contact Page

It is the main part of your website. You can develop this page in such manner that user can easy contact you and get in touch with you. For that you can add Google map, your company address, contact form. If you are still confuse for develop this page then visit our website design contact page

We, at continuously provide our clients with beautiful & intelligent web design services. Along with website design we also deliver unmatched Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing, SEO, Landing page design

Outlining an appealing greeting page for your site is especially sought after. Detectable, there is an immense change in the advertising techniques.
web design
Some of best point that how to increase traffic on website
– user friendly search
– user friendly navigation
– user looking for what purpose
maximum keyword
– easy contact you
– easy webdesign
The kind of business doesn’t make a difference while composing the page. It is constantly better to compose a new and important greeting page with all the data and web-based social networking sharing choice.
Actuality 1: Requirement of snappy feature
As a matter of first importance, it must be noticed that you don’t need to take after any sort of standard manual. Feature is the principal thing that gets the look at the per users. It catches intrigue, consideration and comprehension. In this manner, it must be composed , with the goal that guests come to think about the items.
Certainty 2: Know your clients
To get the achievement, it is vital to think diversely and comprehend the necessities of the customers. This can definitely take you to the diverse ways of the correspondence.
Reality 3: Stick to the point
The entire and sole motivation behind the presentation page is to change over the guests into purchasers. It is essential to reexamine the page, with a specific end goal to keep away from the non specific substance. It is recommended not to hotchpotch the page with pointless data that can confound the general population.
Certainty 4: Making utilization of the correct device
Picking the correct instrument is exceptionally vital when it is about rate improvement. All devices are same in a way, yet which gives better outcome just relies upon how you are utilizing them.
There are considerably more in line of this. On the off chance that you truly need to get the coveted outcomes, you need to utilize your aptitudes, time, assets and cash for making a greeting page.
Truth 5:- Giveaway valuable materials to site guests.
you can add user valuable information on website.